background title Translation Memory
imageAll our translators are expert users of state-of-the-art Computer Aided Translations (CAT) tools
for the creation and management of Translation Memories. Thanks to our know-how and to these
technologies we can provide our customers with unmatched benefits:
image image Methodology:

For brand new customers or projects, we create a blank database where
our tools will store source (extracted from your document) and target
(our proposed translation) sentences as units of meanings.
This database will grow up on receiving of your new projects.

For our well established customers, we are maintaining several
databases, assuring the highest consistency in terminology and style
through the projects.

Furthermore, while translating, we are able to update our glossaries, specific to each technical field.

Very important note: the Translation Memory technology is NOT to be confused with automatic
machine/software translation! TM technology is a precious help for our work and a great advantage
for our customers.
Our translations are always and only the product of our human and professional expertise!