background title Localization Process
Localize means not only translate but also reach the target public with images,
photos, animations, sounds and other symbolic messages that best suit your
communication needs toward a different culture.
image The localization process involves several aspects:
image How we work:
When the translator has finalized his work, we start an
accurate verification procedure from both a linguistic
and technical point of view.
Then we cross check the project integrity using the
relevant software or, in case of Web site localization,
different browsers and versions.
The resulting interface must be user-friendly for the
target audience, providing cultural-relevant examples,
if present in the source project.
When localizing images, we always respect the source
graphic format and size to maintain the same performance in every language.
For a better organization of our job, we use standard proven workflow.
For a successful, one-stop result, we customize our templates according to your
own needs.
Cooperation with our customers is the key of our policy!
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