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ThinkAMDS is your solutions provider for fast, accurate and reliable translation services.
Our dedicated, deadline-driven staff of professional translators is able to efficiently deal with
wide-range, complex projects as well as with fast return translation, always assuring
top-quality results.
If you are looking for: We, at ThinkAMDS, completely fulfill your requirements!
image image image Our offer:
Top quality services and
commitment. Your
translated documents
will feel as close to your
target public as the
source text is to you.
Our wide experience is a
real guarantee for the
accuracy of your
technical terminology.
Our methods:
Confidentiality, clear
communications, quality,
timeliness. We usually
sign Non Disclosure
Agreements to guarantee
the confidentiality of
your documents.
A proven workflow allows
us to meet your time and
financial constraints.
Following the principles
of ISO 9002 standard, we
are able to satisfy your
high quality demands.
Meeting your deadlines is
a must for us!
image Our services:
Our goal: The complete customerೡtisfaction for every and each project!
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